Kicimpring goes to global, offering a variety of flavors

by admin

One of the winners of the MSME Awards organized by the Cooperatives and MSMEs Service with Bandung City HIPMI, Kicimpring Cidadap succeeded in innovating typical food products from West Java.

Kicimpring Cidadap produces 25 kilograms per day, with 100 grams of rice per pack. "So it can be more than 100 packs per day. We are also still very much assisted by the local women in our work,” he added.

In sales, per pack is only priced at Rp. 25,000, with online sales that have almost expanded to Indonesia, while offline are still in the process of going to several locations where gift shops are sold.

"We can be sent abroad because the expiry can be up to 10 months, but it's best if it's up to 8 months," he added.